Science & Technology

science and technology

The 21st century in India is seemingly marked as the beginning towards an development in terms of technology and enrichment of data base within the fields of Science. Over a time period, India has progressively and perceptibly paved method for improvement in the subject of Science and Technology. Modem science in India has been woke up by the continuous and exhausting efforts of the excellent scientists. Scientists in India are great who have made potential the scientific advances of highest worldwide calibre.

Science, Technology, And Society

Science could be outlined as an organised way of gathering data on a topic, via numerous observations and experiments. Technology is the sensible utilization of the legal guidelines of science for different functions. Technology is a mix of technique, abilities, processes, design, products, and so forth. which is devoted to creating devices or devices or to complete scientific investigation. It is a set of knowledge that has practical software in the creation, designing and utilisation of merchandise for industrial, commercial or on a regular basis use.


In simple phrases, science is the set of information gained by means of evaluation about all the issues current around us. The knowledge is predicated on facts and proof, regarding the subject, rather than opinions and private decisions. And so, the statements and laws generated by science cannot be challenged, as they are properly observed and examined. The word science is defined as a system of obtaining information, via experimentation and observation, so as to elucidate pure phenomena.