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New inventions in the subject of science and technology are very essential in such a modern world for a rustic to be sturdy and properly developed country than different international locations. In this competitive world, we’d like extra technology to go ahead and turn into a profitable person within the life. Science is a systematic means which entails statement and experimentation to be able to get knowledge and improve talent; whereas, technology is the practical application of science which helps in enhancing the quality of life. Science is a scientific research and technology is what comes out of it. Science and technology go hand in hand, that is, scientific progress is always adopted by technological developments and the latter is just the implication of former.

It is alleged that the 21st century is the century of science and technology. Today we do almost all our works with the help of science and technology. In modern instances the right development of a country can’t be imagined with out science and technology. We all know the worth of science and technology in our everyday life. Different inventions of Science have made our day by day lives easy and stress-free as nicely.

Indian Space Research Organization has its own Satellite Launching Vehicle among the all other international locations on the planet. After independence, India has launched numerous satellites in the space of its own effort. On November 5, 2013, India has again proved its power in the field of science and technology by launching Mangalyaan to Mars. Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam labored himself in DRDO and ISRO and tried to develop India within the field of science and technology.

Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam believed that science and technology are an attractive reward to humanity and country cannot be developed properly if the scientific base of the country isn’t strong sufficient. Advancement in the area of medical, agriculture, education, economy, sports, video games, jobs, tourism, etc are the examples of science and technology. All such developments present us that how both are equally useful for our life.

We can see a clear distinction in our life type while matching the traditional and modern way of life. High stage of scientific and technological development within the area of medicine has made simple the remedy of various lethal ailments which was earlier not possible. It has helped a lot to the doctors to find effective ways to cure diseases through medicine or operations as well as research vaccines to treatment illnesses similar to most cancers, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Leukemia, and so forth. In order to boost the economy and betterment of the individuals of any nation, up-to-date information, technology, science, and engineering are the basic requisites. A nation could be backward and the chances of being developed country turn out to be minimal within the lack of science and technology.

Moreover, for the accomplishment of actions in scientific analysis Technology may drive scientific investigation, by creating demand for technological enhancements that can be produced by way of research. No nation will develop economically and scientifically with out correct implementation of science and technology. Take the Science and Technology Quiz and verify the Science and Technology GK Questions and Answers. Technology is a broad concept that offers with a species’ utilization and information of tools and crafts, and the way it impacts a species’ ability to manage and adapt to its setting. In human society, it is a consequence of science and engineering, though several technological advances predate the 2 ideas.