Defining “Technology”

technology definition

Communication Technology

By the way in which, he likes to learn lots and acquire information from various sources on-line. Modern technology is the development of the old technology with new additions and modifications. For an instance, it’s inconceivable for the folks in this decade to reside with a wired telephone positioned on the table. So, the mobile phone which can be taken with us wherever is the right example of the technology development or just, the modern technology. Any machine or gadget we see round us is the product of the fashionable technology.

Many HR technology distributors also concentrate on dedicated methods for specific aspects of HCM similar to expertise acquisition. Electronic job boards or marketplaces during which potential employees and employers discover each other are an instance.

Investors might choose to help green technology initiatives through the purchase of a company’s stock that employs green technology practices. This sort of investing is usually referred to as socially responsible investing . These traders may turn to funding funds generally known as inexperienced funds, SRI funds, or ESG funds. These funds comprise publicly-traded corporations that are leaders in using inexperienced technologies.

Green tech can be used in processes intended to conserve power, corresponding to energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Green technology can also be used to create different gas sources which are more environmentally pleasant than fossil fuels.